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Calcium Fluoride

Traditional use profile for Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor)

Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor) has been traditionally used to strengthen tooth enamel, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, intervertebral discs and veins. Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor) may help cracking, nodular arthritic joints with periarticular degeneration and pain. Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor) may help defective tooth enamel, caries and teeth that are loose in their sockets. Skin on the hands (particularly the palms) that is hard, dry and forms cracks and fissures, or blood vessels (particularly veins) with walls that are weak and enlarged may also be indications for Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor).

Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor) symptoms are aggravated by rest, and cold changeable weather; and are improved by moving about, warmth, cold fomentations or rubbing the affected area.



Where a patient suffers from the following conditions, a course of Calcium Fluoride may assist in their recovery.

Mental/emotional: Depression, arising from groundless fears. A lack of flexible thought or a reduced tenacity of thought.

Head: Bony overgrowths, osteomas, exostoses or creaking noises in the head.

Eyes: Cataracts, flickering sparks before the eyes, blurred vision, eyes that ache after use or subcutaneous palpebral cysts.

ENT: Tinnitus, stuffy, dry head colds but unable to sneeze, copious thick, greenish lumpy discharges, chronic sinusitis, indurated tonsils, irritated, tickling dryness in throat.

Teeth: Imperfect or with defective enamel, caries, loose teeth and hypersensitive to hot, cold or acidic foods and drinks.

Tongue: Cracked or mapped appearance.

Gastrointestinal: Vomiting of undigested food with faeces difficult to expel, motions recede, anal fissures, haemorrhoids or prolapsed anus.

Respiratory: Asthma, tickling cough, irritation when lying down, emphysema, croup.

Cardiovascular: Dilated blood vessels, aneurisms, varicose veins, cardiac hypertrophy, capillary fragility.

Musculoskeletal: Ganglia, cystic or calcified nodules, osteophytes, tenosynovitis, repetitive strain injury, necrosis of bone, prolapsed or strained intervertebral disc, cracking of joints, weak bones, slow healing fractures, osteomalacia, finger nodes.

Genitourinary: Uterine prolapse with a dragging feeling in the pelvis and thighs, cracked nipples, polyuria with frequent urging, incontinence, indurated or benign nodular testes, prostatic hypertrophy, hydrocele.

Tissues: Indurated lymphatic glands, nodular fascia, ganglion cysts on wrists, knotty breasts, cystic or hard calcified nodules anywhere.

Skin: Skin hard and thickened, with tendency to crack, varicose ulcers, keratosis, cracking behind ears in children.


Fluorides are toxic to humans, however Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility.



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