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We are all subject to Mineral Element imbalances

As mineral element Imbalances in the soil affect the health of plants and animals, so too can Imbalances affect the health of us humans as well. We can also suffer imbalances without realising it, because the first signs of a mineral element Imbalance are vague and very rarely noticed. If attention is sought for these early symptoms, they are most times misdiagnosed and treated as something else. Orthodox medicine quite often treats every symptom as if it were an illness in its own right. This is why a person can be prescribed a whole collection of drugs (particularly evident with the elderly). These symptoms may well be the body's way of letting us know that there is something wrong and hopefully giving us the opportunity to prevent an illness from developing. Prevention is always better than cure!

Mineral Element Imbalances are wide-spread and occur for a variety of reasons. Some identified reasons are:

  1. Poor diet.

  2. The way our food is grown.

  3. The way our food is stored and processed.

  4. Our body may have difficulty in absorbing some minerals from our food.

  5. Even if absorbed, they may not be utilised properly.

  6. Drinking and smoking.

  7. Physical and mental stress.

  8. A genetic predisposition for imbalances exists or develops.



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