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Mineral Therapy using "Active Elements®"

I am very impressed with these products. They are of a high quality and combine homoeopathically prepared mineral salts with their physical mineral counterparts, thus making for better uptake and facilitation within the body. They are free of lactose, yeast, preservatives and artificial colouring and are only available from a professional health care practitioner. All this without a consultation fee. This is a service both I and Active Elements are proud to offer you.


The Active Elements® Concept in a nutshell

The Active Elements® system is based upon the mineral salts Potassium phosphate, Potassium sulphate, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Sodium phosphate, Sodium sulphate, Calcium phosphate, Calcium sulphate, Calcium fluoride, Magnesium phosphate, Iron phosphate and Silicon dioxide. Each of these inorganic mineral salts is made-up of positively and negatively charged elements. The positively charged element is called the 'Cation', and the negatively charged element is called the 'Anion'. Through electrical attraction these two elements are bound together to form a 'Mineral Salt'.

Science generally (and most practitioners too) only consider the role that the 'cation' plays in both health and disease, but at Active Elements® we believe that the action of the negatively charged element (the anion), is quite often, as important, or more important than that of the positively charged element (the cation).

We have also observed that special biochemical relationships exist between the various elements. Relationships that can be manipulated in ways that not only increase the therapy's effectiveness, but also reduce the number of elements needed and therefore the cost.

Our online assessment questionnaire considers the relationships that exist between calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphate, sulphate, chloride, iron, fluoride and silica, according to the information provided by the client. This data is then mathematically modelled to predict the most likely imbalances that exist for that person. The algorithms that drive our computer modelling were developed, tested and refined from decades of clinical observation.


The Assessment is FREE and without obligation.

To access the Active Elements portal just click the link below.

The first question the system will ask you will be: "Is this your first assessment"? You should answer, 'YES'. You will then be required to enter your basic details and to provide your own 'username' and 'password' which you must then use on future visits to the web site (please remember your user name and password). The link below can only be used on the first occasion.

Hint: At the very end of the questionnaire, you will have the option to enter any comments that you may feel are important or relevant to your case (the more you can tell me about yourself the better). Maybe give a bit of thought to these issues and make a few notes so that you are ready before you go online.

The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Best wishes and I'll get back to you after you complete the questionnaire and I've had a chance to consider the results.


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