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Sodium Sulphate

Traditional use profile for Sodium sulphate (Nat sulph)

Sodium sulfate (Nat sulph) has been traditionally used to tone and detoxify the liver and to balance body fluids. Examples of a fluid imbalance may include generalised fluid retention in the tissues (Oedema), or the puffy swelling around a joint following injury. Sodium sulphate (Nat sulph) has been traditionally associated with, liver symptoms of biliousness, gall stones, gall colic and vomiting of bile, and/or a greenish-brown coating on the tongue. Sodium sulfate (Nat sulph) helps detoxify toxic compounds in the liver. Sodium sulfate (Nat sulph) is also indicated for weepy, vesicular eczema and yellow-green mucus discharges.

Sodium sulfate (Nat sulph) symptoms are aggravated by wearing tight clothing around the waist, living or working in a damp environment, damp weather, or during hot, humid weather and/or changeable weather from dry to wet and are improved during dry, stable weather and/or by frequently changing body position.



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